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What a month: I took my second to last oral language placement exam (and did not pass), gave a number of presentations in French, attended a traditional Cameroonian engagement ceremony (pics in ‘Photo Archives’), took my final oral language placement exam (and passed by a lot), passed all my other technical exams, helped keep a friend from getting kicked out of Peace Corps, and broke a rib playing basketball.  After handing in the last of my projects this morning – recommendations to the local microfinance organization I had been working with (available in the ‘Reports’ tab), I now have zero official responsibilities left before swearing in to become an official Peace Corps volunteer.  Very anti-climactic.

On the whole, the last month has been exasperating, encouraging, frustrating, energizing, exhausting, sobering and confusing.  Every former and current volunteer I’ve talked to says this about training: “Just get through it.”  Now that I’m six days from getting through it, I’m more anxious than ever to get to my post.  At the same time, I’m glad to have some time to wrap things up in Bafia, hang out with my host family, bond with the other volunteers, and visit some of the places outside of the bubble I’ve been inside of for the past month.  Breaking a rib is never a pleasant thing, especially for someone like me, but it’s bound to make the next week even longer.  I can’t play futbol with the locals – who play harder than anyone I’ve ever seen, I can’t take off on my bike for an afternoon, and I can’t play bball with the guys I’ve played with every weekend (and grown quite fond of, despite the fact that they learned how to play by watching the NBA: meaning nobody passes, nobody shoots outside of an 8-foot radius, everybody travels, carries, and plays more with their mouths than the rest of their body).  I hardly know what to do with myself.


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