My house

A number of you have asked about my house. Here it is. It’s not fully furnished yet, but as the Cameroonians say “petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid”.

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9 thoughts on “My house

  1. This actually looks nicer than I expected… Isaac likes the spider. How much ambient noise comes from the jungle at night?

    • I’m not quite in the middle of the huge trees, most of which have been cut down to build the town, so you can’t hear monkeys swinging from the trees or anything. Most of the ambient noise is between 7 and 8am when the lizards scramble across my tin roof to sun themselves. And it is so LOUD sometimes.

  2. You are hardly living on the edge, my friend. Those are some 2 star amenities! I think lizards are a good sign. I actually had a lizard crawl on to my leg during a hot yoga class this past weekend. Hope your spider and lizard neighbors leave you alone!

    • Ha, you’re not kidding Jen. There are actually more kids in the surrounding houses than I can count. I figure the guest bed is probably good enough for 10 or 15 of them.

  3. From the outside our houses look somewhat similar! Mine had an outhouse prior, but I hear the landlord is putting in a toilet, we’ll see in 2 weeks when I move in! I would cry if I saw a spider that big in my house…but what I wouldn’t do for some WARMTH! 🙂


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