Neighbor kids photo shoot

People often stop by my house to see what I’m up to. Mostly kids. If the door is open someone will inevitably poke their head inside. There’s also a dirt lot in front of my house, which makes for a great playground for throwing the baseball and (American) football around. A couple of weeks ago a group of kids gathered outside of my house to play. Shortly afterward my colleague returned a camera he had borrowed, and one of the kids quickly began snapping photos. Here are some of what he took. Boy do these kids love being on camera.

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One thought on “Neighbor kids photo shoot

  1. Love the pic of the kid by himself with a baseball mitt on his head. Priceless. Glad to see you have companions for throwing the ball around. One of my favorite memories from Denver was the time you, me and Stuey hit it off playing every sport possible at Wash Park. And then topping it off with homemade gourmet burgers at your place. 🙂 Good times.

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