House, Office

I think the last time I uploaded pics of my place I had no living room furniture or a kitchen counter. With the help of my friend Gedeon, we built really handy kitchen counters – Andy height. I also finally saved enough money to buy a full living room furniture set of amazing handmade quality. As you can tell, this is some top notch artisan stuff. The cushions I bought separate. These pics were taken back in September by Bryce, the American executive director of GeoAid, the nonprofit I work a lot with. This is what my living room and kitchen look like now. Pretty comfortable, I have to say.

living room bookshelf Ngoyla Trip Sept 2012017 kitchen2hallway

I’m also really lucky to have office space (and materials!) to use. Here is the office of GeoAid Cameroon’s Lomie operations, the space I work out of. My trusty counterpart Octave and I share it.

outside the compound inside the compound door1 P1040225 the office octave at his desk my desk


2 thoughts on “House, Office

  1. Very impressive, Andy! How have you been since I ran into you in the capital of France and the capital of Cameroon? I wonder if I’ll run into you in another capital one day. And will I recognize you if I do? It is a small, small world!
    How is your cousin doing? I’m so glad you could be there for him.

  2. WOW! Handy Andy is back in action! 🙂 LOVE the new furnishings – well done and great that they’re “Andy height” – I am so impressed with that living room furniture – looks pretty posh now 🙂 Did you paint the inside of your house too? I didn’t remember those colors. I also like the candle holders with the wine bottles. awesome. I was wondering what you’ve been up to all these months without an update. Good work! Does this mean you’ll be extending now that your house is so posh?? Lots of LOVE from Macedonia.

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